Who We Are

C2 Wealth Strategies is a firm whose staff is passionate with a purpose. Our purpose is to help secure and grow our clients' wealth and give them greater confidence for the future. 

We are a group of structured and experienced financial advisors who keep our knowledge crisp by staying current while interpreting evolving changes in the marketplace. This keeps our minds open and fresh. 

We are detail-oriented and take our integrity very seriously with the result that our client service is next to none. Our meetings are designed to exchange information and assess the daily movement in the world and thereby anticipate the best end results that can potentially benefit our clients.


At the core, our responsibility is to manage our clients' hopes, dreams, and desires in a purposeful way by listening to them; understanding their financial situation and future expectations; communicating clearly and openly with them; and keeping uppermost in our minds that our priority is to help fullfil their life's goal with a secure financial future that brings financial confidence.

By incorporating all essential factors we will create a plan tailored to suit each client's objectives and recommend a financial strategy that will help deliver results and secure that financial confidence that we are all seeking.

C2 is Unique

making the complex, simple

Once the client has defined their needs and communicated their plans, we have the foundation of what is required. After understanding the related issues, we plan accordingly to make the most impact in the current marketplace.

looking at the bigger picture

A well-crafted plan needs to encompass all areas of a client's financial life and future expectations. The plan must be forward-thinking and flexible enough to take advantage of every opportunity. Staying on top of current and unfolding issues that could impact our client's wealth position, we help protect their vision for the future.

believing in performance

We recognize that performance means something different to each client. We embrace individual expectations, as that encourages us to prove that we can deliver and manage in an independent, objective, and accountable way.

knowing our main responsibility is to repect and protect our clients wealth

We recognize how hard our clients have worked to achieve the wealth they have accumulated and this motivates us to ensure that we recommend tailor-made strategies to encompass their financial picture to help secure their current position and grow what they have.